About Us

The crop circle is a symbol of the unknown. It evokes wonder, intrigue, and the mysteries the human imagination constructs to entertain. It is a call to expand our perspectives and explore the unknown. With financial and studio operations support from Prytania Media, at Crop Circle Games we are seeking to do just that. We are working hard to create compelling experiences, build immersive shared worlds, and connect with others through curiosity and adventure.



We are an independent game studio built around a community of industry veterans who believe games have the potential not only to entertain, but also to widen perspectives and make the world a better place. Reaching that potential requires building a singular studio of unique personalities and experiences to create a one-of-a-kind work culture. We love quirks, we embrace oddities, and we trust that our world is extraordinary when it's a little off-beat and a lot unusual. We know the people we are looking for rarely exist in the same place, which is why we are a fully distributed team allowing everyone to work from their home base of choice.

Jeff SBG

Jeff Strain



Jess BBG

Jessica Brunelle


Studio Director

Doug WBG

Doug Williams


Creative Director

Nick MBG

Nick Mhley


Design Director

Ocala SBG

Ocala Scott-Bellows


Art Director

Braeden SBG

Braeden Shosa


Technical Director

Josh SBG

Josh Scherr


Narrative Director

Sebastien MBG

Sebastien Menard


Audio Director


Jon Hanna


Production Director

Rocky NBG

Rocky Newton


Animation Director

Kelsey PBG

Kelsey Pickinpaugh


UX Director

Allena HBG

Allena Hail


Lead Technical Artist

Jeremy LBG

Jeremy Lai


Senior Gameplay Engineer


Ian Riutta


Principal Level Designer

Chris NBG

Chris Nirenberg


Principal Character Artist

Alex PBG

Alexandre Pedneault


Principal Gameplay Designer

Eris KBG

Eris Koleszar


Gameplay Engineer


Skye Paul


Principal Engineer

Vanessa PBG

Vanessa Prinsen


Gameplay Engineer


Jennifer Klasing


Principal Content Designer

Peter BBG

Peter Beagle


Senior Gameplay Engineer

Hannah WBG

Hannah Watts


Principal Environment Artist

Jason LBG

Jay Lavoie


Lead Environment Artist

Esther NBG

Esther Nho


Sr. VFX Artist

Rhett MBG

Rhett Matthis


Principal System Designer


Max Julian


Principal Technical Artist

Diane ABG

Diane Agnan


Lead Backend Engineer

Anthony RBG

Anthony Russo


Principal Technical Designer

Katie SBG

Katie Stone


Sr. Rigging Technical Artist

Jackie WBG

Jackie Wiley


Principal Encounter Designer

Emma ZBG

Emma Ziegler


Sr. Producer

Arman ABG

Arman Abounourinejad


Principal Environment Artist

Luna JBG

Luna Jade


Studio Operations Manager

Mike BBG

Mike Brown


Lead Gameplay Designer


Tim A. Saxon


Lead Gameplay Engineer

Russell BBG

Russell Brown


Senior Backend Engineer

Steve BBG

Steve Bauman


UI Engineer

Richard GBG

Richard Greenspan


Principal Technical Artist

Chee FBG

Chee Fong


Concept Artist

Deandra WBG

Deandra Warrick


Lead Writer


We proudly offer to every employee the opportunity to share in the rewards of what we create. Through the participation of robust profit-sharing and stock option plans, our employees receive equity to share in the success of not only our studio, but in the success of our sister studios too. Sharing the details of equity programs is rarely done publicly, but we feel strongly about the importance of transparency as a public commitment to our team. Click here to read our Employee Profit Sharing Plan and our Equity Incentive Plan.


We are assembling a dream team of exceptional developers with a shared vision for a powerful new game built around the pillars of hope, humor, and human empowerment. We aim to create an industry phenomenon by leveraging our team's proven track record for building narrative-driven sandbox games that create strong emotional engagement through empathy, positivity, and community participation on a global scale. Does this sound like something you'd want to be part of? Great, we're hiring!

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Crop Circle Games Corp is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Prytania Media Corp.

Essstablished by Jeff Strain and Annie Delisi Strain in Spring 2021, Prytania Media is an independent, privately held portfolio of curated AAA development studios focused on the creation of groundbreaking new game IP. Within our four development studios — Possibility Space, Crop Circle Games, Fang & Claw, and Dawon Entertainment — we work to meet the growing demand for innovative games that promote cooperation, positivity, and community on a global scale.